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The original pickup winding machines did not have counters on them. The person winding the pickup did it by feel. You would think that wouldn't be very consistent, but that was not the case. Most of the hand wound pickups from the early fifties were very consistent. The craftsmen running the machine were very skilled in their craft. These are some of the most sought after pickups in existence today.






We have an extensive supply of Magnets, bobbin material, and magnet wire to reproduce almost any pickup you desire 

We have some of the only remaining Plain Enamel wire on the planet 




We make our own bobbins and insert  magnets that have not been charged Then we start winding magnet wire until we reach the required turns. Then we solder on cloth leads and pot the pickup in a mixture of Beeswax and paraffin. We apply protective cloth tape around the coil wire to protect it and then we magnetize the blank magnets for strength and polarity. Every step requires experience and precision to reach the desired outcome
The Final Check With a Gauss Meter


Hand wound Strat sets start at $225

Hand Wound Tele sets start at  $210

Hand wound P90s start at $125

"Custom Pickups can be made to order"


Below are specs for  vintage Fender pickups

They are our most requested pickup


Fender Pickup Specs by Model
Model Wire Gauge Insulation Avg. Turns
1000 Pedal Steel 42 Formvar 8000
400 Pedal Steel 42 Formvar 8000
5 String Bass 42 Plain Enamel 12,000
Bass VI 42 Formvar 8550
Deluxe 6 LapSteel 42 Formvar 8350
Deluxe 8 LapSteel 42 Formvar 8550
Dual 6 Steel 42 Formvar 8350
DuoSonic 42 Formvar 8350
Electric 12 42 Plain Enamel 12,500
Electric Mandolin 42 Formvar 8000
Jaguar 42 Formvar 8550
Jazz Bass 42 Formvar 9000
JazzMaster 42 Formvar 8500
Mustang 42 Formvar 7600
Precision Bass 42 Formvar 10,000
Stratocaster 42 Formvar 8350
Telecaster (lead pu) 42 Formvar 8000
Telecaster (neck pu) 43 Formvar 8000

1954 to 1967 Fender Stratocaster Pickup Specs
Year Ohms Wire OD Insulation Turns WD MP Wound
1954 5.76k .0030" Formvar 7956 TL/TG North Hand
1955 5.89k .0029" Formvar 7844 TL/TG North Hand
1956 5.98k .0029" Formvar 8012 TL/TG North Hand
1957 6.02k .0029" Formvar 8105 TL/TG North Hand
1958 6.20k .0028" Formvar 8350 TL/TG North Hand
1959 5.95k .0030" Formvar 7925 TL/TG North Hand
1960 6.33k .0028" Formvar 8293 TL/TG South Hand
1961 6.19k .0029" Formvar 8119 TL/TG South Hand
1962 6.22k .0028" Formvar 8220 TL/TG South Hand
1963 6.37k .0028" Formvar 8319 TL/TG South Hand
1964 6.25k .0027" Formvar/Enamel 7980 TL/TG South Hand

January 4, 1965, CBS bought Fender Musical Instruments.
1965 5.80k .0026" Plain Enamel 7626 TL/TG South Machine
1966 5.76k .0026" Plain Enamel 7630 TL/TG South Machine
1967 5.88k .0027" Plain Enamel 7656 TL/TG South Machine




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Vintage Fender Guitar Pickup Spec Info















Why do Vintage Fender Pickups Sound so Good?
There are probably a lot of little factors that make the older Fender pickups sound so good. Not a single one of these factors will change the tone significantly. But when all added together, the sum of the parts is better on older vintage Fender pickups. These factors would include:






Why do Vintage Fender Pickups Die?

Vintage Fender Pickup Specs.