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The neck  is the most important part of the instrument

An important indicator of a great guitar neck is how consistent the action is from the nut to the bridge. Our necks are engineered to achieve the lowest action with no fret buzz. A consistent action makes playing a pleasure because your fingers dont have to adjust various heights throughout the register greatly reducing hand fatigue 

We have been building guitar necks for over 40 years. At New River Guitars we hand select wood for each application we shape all of our necks by hand we radius our own fret wire, and slot all of our fretboards 

The end result is your neck fits your hand like a glove


We do not use CNC routers or mass production equipment




We Make The Most Beautiful Bodies You Will Ever See

There are a lot of guitar makers that will build you a body. To be real honest there isn't a great deal to it. Use a template to draw on your body blank, then cut out the shape with your band saw, and drill out the body cavities appropriate to the style.

Actually there's a lot more to making a body for a fine instrument than that

At new River guitars we pay close attention to how much moisture the wood has, and to achieve an overall balance we port bodies to reach an optimal weight and tone for the desired wood, all while maintaining the strictest tolerances.


The end result is Engineering, Balance, and Beauty

A Better Way to Pick Your Guitar  ®




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